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Closing Time

Dave at U-Haul

"Every new beginning starts with some other beginning's end" - Semisonic

Monday morning I sat at my house a broken man.

Broken by U-haul of all things.  

I got over it.  

But first...how'd I get there...

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Life From The Front Tees Begins


This may be my third or fourth mid-life crisis.

Let the chorus of “you’re too old to be mid-life” begin.   So, maybe it’s my first late-life crisis ?  OK, second ?  Whatever.

Regardless what one labels it, in my life, right now, these times are a changing.

The nest has been emptied of the kids, the wife, even the dog.... with all parties seemingly heading in a positive direction, excepting of course my bank account.  To no one's surprise, it ain't cheap emptying the nest.

After a couple month covid delay, the house is now in escrow.  The target date to launch life’s next great adventure is a fast approaching matter of weeks.  Soon, I'll be intentionally homeless for a while.

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