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Destination Florida


I woke up this morning with one last leg to complete The Great RV Move Adventure of 2020.  I had arrived last night in a downpour and the fact that I was in Florida hadn't really sunk in.   A few miles on the freeway fixed that.

It's the billboards..... loads of 'em

- Florida Welcome Center featuring a 14 Foot Alligator

- Florida Welcome Center featuring Baby Alligators

- The Big Daddy Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum

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RV Time


'Does anybody really know what time it is ?" - Chicago

It took me two days and two states to realize I changed time zones.

I'm pretty sure that's a good thing.

Parked by the Clark Fork in Montana, the countdown timer on Joe's Sunday night on-line poker game said I showed up an hour early.  Huh, Montana must be mountain time.  Then, I checked.  Idaho was too !  Guess I slept through that one....twice.

The grand tour has been progressing slower than expected but the beauty is, that's just fine.

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Beat The Pro


I like to travel.  I like to golf.

For years, I've kept a spreadsheet of all the courses I've played.  I save a scorecard from each course and those now fill four photo albums.  I was never a great golfer.  I'm no longer even a good golfer.  But I've played a lot of bad golf in a lot of cool places.  Collecting courses... it's my thing.

A couple years ago, I found a new app called GolfPlayed.  It includes a worldwide directory of courses to keep track of where you've played and who you've played with.  I would be it's target market.

So, I loaded up the 390 or so courses I'd played and immediately jumped to 6th on the app's leaderboard. Since then, the GolfPlayed has attracted a lot of similar fanatics and I've dropped down the list significantly but I was 6th at the time.

In 7th, was the owner of the app, Andrew.  Now Andrew is a young strapping Bok, who played college golf in the states, spent a decade on the Sunshine Tour and even got a start in the British Open before giving up full time tour golf to jump into the app biz.  Judging from his posts he can shoot 67 in his sleep.

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Life From The Front Tees Begins


This may be my third or fourth mid-life crisis.

Let the chorus of “you’re too old to be mid-life” begin.   So, maybe it’s my first late-life crisis ?  OK, second ?  Whatever.

Regardless what one labels it, in my life, right now, these times are a changing.

The nest has been emptied of the kids, the wife, even the dog.... with all parties seemingly heading in a positive direction, excepting of course my bank account.  To no one's surprise, it ain't cheap emptying the nest.

After a couple month covid delay, the house is now in escrow.  The target date to launch life’s next great adventure is a fast approaching matter of weeks.  Soon, I'll be intentionally homeless for a while.

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